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Amari is a gift I don't deserve. My mission was to look out for her long before it became my job. I had to keep her safe, even if it meant breaking her heart. What she didn't realize, my heart was breaking too.
Caden is an enigma, sent to torture me. The way he looks at me made me feel safe, even when he keeps me at a distance. He kissed me, then betrayed me and hurt us both. But, I don't need his protection. I want his heart. Just in time for Christmas.

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Not all alpha males are assholes. But the guy that messed up Tiffany’s self-image sure as hell was. This beautiful, curvy woman has held my imagination captive since the day she started working with me. She has no idea how gorgeous, powerful, and intelligent she is. But that ruse is up. I’m going to tell her. Show her. Press that truth upon her until she sees herself like I do. I haven’t been with a woman since losing my wife around the holidays, but it’s time to give love a second chance. My son and I are ready to have a family again. Now I just need to convince her to take a chance on me. It’ll be the best decision of her life. I’ll make sure of it.

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What if a stranger told you that she believed your child is about to be killed? What if that woman was an ex-FBI profiler with a disputable reputation? Would you believe her? Eva Rae Thomas is chasing down a vicious killer, but no one will believe he even exists. If there are no unexplained dead bodies or missing persons, then how can there be a killer on the loose? What they don’t understand is that the perfect murder is the one that doesn’t look like murder. Can Eva Rae convince local law enforcement to help her with this case before the killer strikes once more? Or will she have to take matters into her own hands – again?

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Christmas is like the perfect sugar cookie—it slowly melts in your mouth, sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever. I love Christmas. I love the cheerful music, the fun sweaters, and the holiday lights. Most of all I love Christmas Cookies. A begrudging bake-off judge, I refuse to let grouchy billionaire Owen Frost hate Christmas. The man is overworked, his employees are uninspired, and his life is seriously lacking in Yuletide cheer. I want to stuff his stocking with sugary goodness to put him in a very festive mood. So I dressed up as a sexy elf and gave Owen a taste of something extra special. You should have seen his (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


After saving Remi from a house fire, Nate’s instantly drawn to her... like a moth to a flame. He should forget about her, the way he does with everyone else he saves.  However, that’s easier said than done when he can’t stop thinking about her or those pretty green eyes. They are almost branded into his brain. It breaks his rules to visit her. Even if it’s to check she’s okay. But screw it...Nate’s rules can go and burn. The woman from the fire is more than he expects; funny, sweet and hot as hell. Suddenly those careful plans he has in place no longer seem important. Can Nate create something unique with the woman of his dreams,

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Coming home for the holidays after eight long years to say goodbye, I found myself saying hello. Melissa—or Missy as I remembered her—had had a crush on me. But being a typical eighteen-year-old, I didn’t pay much attention to the blushing twelve-year-old. I walked away without so much as a backwards glance. But now? Now I can’t tear my eyes away. Gone was the girl with braces and her place was a woman who took my breath away. I just had to prove to her I wasn’t the same guy I was back then. I prayed for a Christmas miracle, but I never expected this. Her. Us.