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I break knees for a living. But she could break my heart. I'm the family enforcer. So sometimes I get sent on... errands. I go to Martha's Vineyard with one job in mind: Protect our family. Stop a rival mob family from trying to take what’s mine. I never expected to meet her. Siobhan is gorgeous, with legs for days and eyes that smolder. She understands the music that lights up my soul. She's ice and I'm fire. It can never work between us. Dueling mob families. But sometimes rules are made to be broken. And sometimes summer love can last.

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He's found his fated mate. If only he could remember her… When Shane meets Bekah, and his wolf claims her, all the broken pieces of his life finally snap into place. He's ready to settle down, but his witch band mates have fame on their minds and a sinister plan to achieve it. No werewolf in his right mind would agree to summoning a demon to help them achieve stardom. And if Shane's not with them, he's a liability… All single mom Bekah wants from Shane is a one-night-stand with the sexy musician to help find the woman in her she's lost. Though their sizzling chemistry and his promises of tomorrow are enticing, she's not (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Together in one set for the first time--the first six books in the popular Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters series! Meet the Swanson brothers: five alpha male bear shifters who help protect their small, close-knit community as volunteer firefighters. Dane, Mark, Evan, Thor, and Ash are heroes looking for their fated mates, but the road to their happily ever after is filled with peril and adventure.
This boxed set contains the following books: Heat - (Dane's story), Smolder - (Mark's story), Ignite - (Evan's story), Flame - (Thor's story), Burn - (Elle's story), & Ash - (Ash's story)

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Everything in Rainy’s life is finally going according to plan. Her bakery is flourishing, and there’s nothing but blue skies and cupcakes ahead—until she witnesses a feathered half-man, half-monster being kidnapped in the dead of night from the alley behind her shop. Thrust into a shadowy world of supernatural creatures and curses, all Rainy wants to do is hide in her bakery with a spoon and bowl of cake batter. She definitely does NOT want to spend her days drooling over the sexy shifter tasked with her protection… right? Nate has a lot resting on his shoulders: the safety of his clan, a tiny daughter still learning to use her claws, and a (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


A lost virgin vampire queen. Two vampire knights sworn to protect her. It’s about to get very hot… and bloody… Ever since her mother was murdered by monsters five years ago, Shara Isador has been on the run. Alone, scared, and exhausted, she’s finally cornered in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Out of hope with nowhere else to turn, she’s ready to end it all when two men come to her rescue. They say she’s a lost queen descended from Isis, and they’re her Blood, vampire knights sworn to protect her. It all seems like a crazy nightmare, until the alpha offers his blood. Then she realizes she’s never wanted anything more. Except maybe his body…
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Trapped by a snowstorm. Freed by love. Bull is… Overpowering, irresistible, and totally off-limits. His dominating presence and intense eyes set my clothes on fire, and I struggle to keep my distance. Because love bit me on the ass, and I’m not going there again though Bull makes me feel safe or treasured.Nicki is… All heart, full of sass, and a firecracker that goes from twerking to cursing without missing a beat. The more distance Nicki places between us, the more I can’t imagine a day without her. But I can’t tell if my size intimidates her or turns her on. We sidestep each other the entire tour until an unexpected snowstorm leaves us stranded. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Billionaires can be thankful, too... Wyatt Fletcher knows he can't win the silly dating game Danny concocted eleven months ago. Why couldn't he get a holiday earlier in the year to plan his date? Faced with a wedding rehearsal, a Thanksgiving feast, and an actual wedding, all within a few weeks of each other, he decides a fake date will help him sneak through the season without too many questions being asked. It doesn't matter that it's not real. He's just hanging out for the holiday at the end of the year. For Lauren Hunter, art is everything. Whether it's painting, sculpting, or knitting, she attacks every new project with gusto.  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Briar doesn't believe in Once Upon A Time... Her whole life, Briar has been told about her fate, but she doesn't believe a word. Now she's forced to go to Grimm Academy along with all the other fairy tale characters trying to avoid their tales. When she finds a spindle in one of the tallest towers, she begins to believe, but is it already too late? Welcome to Grimm Academy, where fairy tale characters go to escape their foretold fate.