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Erin is a loner not out of choice, but due to tragedy. When she is approached by a writer living in the wilds of Alaska offering her the chance of a lifetime, she jumps on board. She has a good feeling about the move, but the Pandora’s box she is about to open could end her life. Gage and Joshua are business partners in the community of Wolf Pass, Alaska, and they’ve learned to keep their personal lives secret from the human world because they would not be understood outside of the Native Alaskan community. They are shifters of the werewolf variety. Hunter is the local Alpha, and Gage, his Beta. When Erin’s boss dies (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Hunting through memories, good and bad, leads to something very, very good. To keep his girlfriend busy for the day, Gio Diamati sends Bianca Russo and her best friend on a scavenger hunt through memories they made throughout their relationship. He has a plan. She'll just have to put the clues together. Bianca Russo doesn't understand why her boyfriend wants her out of the way for a day. Time with her best friend and walking through some of their best memories has its perks. But why? This wasn't like Gio and given that he could be skittish about their relationship, she begins to worry. Will the payoff be worth the hunt? Gio thinks it will be...

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She's avoided men all her life... Growing up with an abusive father, Katie Lawry learned a thing or two about men and has made a conscious choice to stay far away from them. Until the day of her brother Owen’s wedding when she’s rescued from nearly drowning by Shane McCarthy. With everyone who matters to Katie assuring her that Shane is one of the good guys, she feels safe to give in to the attraction that simmers between them. Katie has waited a long time to take a chance on love, but is Shane the right guy for her? He’s ready to move on… More than two years after a painful divorce, Shane has a life on Gansett Island that (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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What could be better than waking up next to a hot guy? Waking up sandwiched between two of them.

 Quinn Preston, a financial analyst, is not happy when her friends dare her to pick up a handsome stranger at a wedding reception. What better reason to give up men when her previous long-term relationship had not only been lackluster in the bedroom but he had cheated? 

Logan Reed, a successful business owner, can't believe that he's attracted to the woman in the ugly, Pepto-Bismol pink bridesmaid dress. And to boot, she's more than tipsy. After turning down her invitation for a one-night stand, he finds her in the parking (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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When two very different worlds collide... Hailey is a palm reader, a fortune teller, complete with crystal balls and Tarot cards in her little shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. She is a throwback to the sixties with her boho style and long, blonde hair. Joshua is a marketing guy; a handsome business type who has been seeing Hailey professionally for over a year. She predicted his promotion, that he'd find the perfect condo, and just about everything that's happened in his life recently. But he is ready to find his soulmate, and Hailey hasn't quite been able to tell him about her, except that there will be someone in his future.

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Disappearing fifteen years ago after the death of her best friend Micah, Elora has returned to Devils Falls a supernatural community hidden deep in the heart of Chicago. Someone is after her, and they know her habits. Her return to Devil Falls brings her back in contact with Greyson Black, Micah's oldest brother. The dark, commanding, alpha Limikkin wore power like a cloak, and she responded to it. Not like she’d ever admit it. The last person Greyson expected to sweep back into his life was the woman who had walked away after his brother died. Best friend to his brother, and engaged to a male who would never know her worth, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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I’ve never had any luck with relationships. But, when a dark-haired stranger dances into my life, I’m inexplicably drawn to him.
What am I to do with a hot sexy man, who wants nothing more than to push his way into my life? He’s too irresistible for his own good.
I want to tell him my life is way too complicated for him, but his seductive smile, rock-hard body, and skilled hands are wearing me down. I can’t help but give in.
Kyren is sexy as hell, but he may have more battle scars than I do. When our demons collide, will our broken pieces fit together or tear us apart?

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We were never meant to be. My two alpha shifters want to prove otherwise. I'm in way over my head in more ways than one. I have no business walking the halls of the Silver Circle this late at night or stealing ancient spell books. What can I say? The elders stole from me first and I want my magical powers back.But that's not where the real problems begin. No, that's coming for me in the form of two alpha shifters with one purpose: to claim all of me for themselves before it's too late. Two devilishly hot, alpha AF and utterly possessive enforcers who like to share. They know the power of their knee-weakening kisses and (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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What happens when love and war don’t mix? Ivar Sorenson is not only his father’s heir to their jarldom, he’s his parents’ last remaining son.  There isn’t much choice for the future jarl when his father demands an alliance with their feuding neighbor.  That alliance can only come in the form of a a woman Ivar doesn’t want and doesn’t like. Not when he already has the one great love of his life already by his side. Can Ivar convince his father that a marriage is needed to end the feud? Can he prove that the woman he loves is the woman his tribe needs to lead alongside him?What happens when the heart wants (Read the full blurb on Amazon)