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A Lady betrothed to the wrong man…will she make the right choice? Lady Georgiana is now betrothed. Her brother, the Earl of Allerton, has chosen a suitable gentleman but when Georgiana meets him, she finds him rude, arrogant, and selfish. Knowing it would be unwise to cry off, Georgiana tries to build a regard for Lord Poole, only to find her heart stolen by someone entirely unsuitable - Mr. Oliver Lowell, a wealthy financier from Boston. Whilst Mr. Lowell is treated with respect by society, Georgiana knows she cannot let him steal her heart. Yet Lord Poole is even worse than she expected. Aware that Mr. Lowell will return to (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Kay and Daniel are both fixer-uppers. Now they’re snowed in together over the holidays. Can they thaw their frosty relationship? A rambling vintage tourist lodge nestled in a sunny bay on Lake Michigan is the only home wise-cracking Kay Kerby has ever known. She loves Kerby Lodge. But running it? Not so much. As far as Kay is concerned, the best season begins when the last lodger packs up their sunscreen and novelty t-shirts and goes home. Now with Thanksgiving and Christmas near, storms are looming. An epic snowstorm pounds the coastline, and a blizzard of bills and taxes threaten to bury Kerby Lodge. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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What? A little blackmail never hurt anyone. How did a working-class girl who dreams of being a writer end up with a job at one of the exclusive banks on the west coast? Dumb luck, that's how. I’m pretty sure that any minute now, the Powers That Be will realize I don’t belong here. Before that happens, I need to figure out how to fit in—how to look the part, dress the part, and act the part. Fortunately, there’s Marcus. Hiring him to be my date for the office party was easy. Blackmailing him into helping me revamp my image is actually kind of fun. But not falling for him? That might be impossible.

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I didn’t believe in love at first sight...until her. Emily was unlike any other woman I’d ever known. She was perfect. We could be perfect. If I wasn’t leaving for another tour and she wasn’t keeping secrets. All she was willing to give me was a few days... but after a few minutes, I knew it would never be enough. I wanted her forever. We had one perfect week. Then she walked away, and I shipped out. Five years is a long time to wait for a second chance. I imagined seeing her again about a million times. I just never expected to be drunk in a crowded bar when she walked back into my life. Both of us have changed, but she’s still (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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It's easy to forget tinsel, Christmas trees, and presents when miles of bullet points and paint swatches keep Gracie Halliday occupied, and that's just fine by her. With Christmas right around the corner, remodeling her grandmother's B&B in Evergreen Valley should do the trick. Fate, or a very nosy guardian angel, has other plans. When her car skids out of control and takes out the Fire Chief's Santa sleigh her scroogy plans come unwrapped when her hunky rescuer woos her with horse-drawn sleigh rides and threatens to revive her lost Christmas spirit. Dash Kincaid once craved the adrenaline rush that came with being a hotshot, 

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Sometimes you meet people who are out of this world, so you make them a part of yours. A one-night stand born from vengeance in a foreign land. An explosive chemistry neither of us could deny. We signed a contract on the back of a Boar’s Head Pub napkin that said if we ever met again, we would drop everything and be together. Eight years and thousands of miles later, he’s here. In New York. And he’s America’s music obsession. The intangible Irish poet who brings record executives to their knees. The blizzard in my perfect, unshaken snow globe. Last time we spoke, he was a beggar with no intention of becoming a king.  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Deliciously forbidden. Simply scandalous. Utterly magical. He's the sheriff next door. You know the type. Broody, alpha AF and sinfully gorgeous. The man is six foot plus of hard muscle, has arms made for holding me close and have mercy on my soul can he fill out a uniform in all the right ways. And he wants every inch of me for himself. As for me, well, I'm the witch with a filthy mind wanting to put his cuffs to good use. From our first stolen kiss we knew our feverish lust-filled attraction was forbidden by both his pack law and my Silver Circle, but our fates had other plans. Werewolf and witch never mix, blah blah blah. I'm a clairvoyant (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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What really happened between Sean Anderson and Ashleigh Jordan? The night before Christmas, Ashleigh Jordan stands outside a hotel room, begging for permission to be let inside. She’s walked off set mid-filming, canceled her promotional commitments and abandoned her mother’s big family Christmas, to fly across the country in search of the married man she’s been in love with for her entire adult life. And right now, Sean Anderson neither wants nor needs her help. In the light of his wife’s betrayal, Sean wants nothing and no one, except an alcoholic fast track to oblivion. But to add insult to injury, Ashleigh won’t go (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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He’s smooth, charming, arrogant and believes he can get whatever he wants—including her. Denying him is a challenge she can’t resist. Six months ago, Gia lost the love of her life—and the spark that earned her the nickname ‘Glitter Girl’. When Christmas rolls near, along with her office-decorating duties and the traditional hiding of mistletoe for the underground holiday kissing bets, she puts on her happy face and pretends she isn’t slowly suffocating. But when cocky lawyer and resident eye-candy Ian bets that she’s the one who will be kissing him beneath the mistletoe, Gia places a bet of her own. No way, no how will she (Read the full blurb on Amazon)