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Ashley is working her last summer at the lake. She'd just graduated and her new job doesn't start until August. What she hadn't counted on was encountering a man who pulled her. Someone she wanted to spend time with, even though she had other things to do.
Jared was recovering, from a gunshot wound and the after effects of the surgery that had saved his leg. He needed to get away from the city, and the stresses and temptations there. He never thought he'd find someone who meant more to him than any of it.

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I'm Eden Morell and I'm content with my life. So I'm overweight and don't much care for sex since it doesn't ring any of my bells. Who Cares? Not me, I have my store, my friends and my writing. That's all I need. Or at least I though it was until this crazy wild man drives his motorbike into my life, teaches me about physics and makes me laugh. He also intends to seduce me. The strange thing? I find I want him to. All of a sudden, sedate Eden is turning into sex-crazed Eden, and I'm barely even worrying about how I look naked. All I want is for him to touch me and when he does.....OH Wow!!

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"Find me," he whispers... As her 25th birthday looms, Riley Sparrow has one thing on her mind: the sexy, intriguing stranger who enters her dreams. Every night, the dreams intensify and the mystery man leaves her clues, always begging to be found. For the first time, Riley is ready to embrace her birthright and accept her true identity. Coming from a long line of witches and warlocks, she has refused to accept her powers… until now.  However, the man in her dreams needs her, and who is she to deny him anything? But as she begins to uncover the truth, Riley realizes the danger she is in. Traveling back in time to 1963 is her only option to (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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I said yes to being a fake wife to the hottest Hollywood actor alive. Was it a stupid move? Probably. Josh needed a wife to look mature and get better roles. I agreed to save his career and add some excitement to my mundane life. But things didn’t turn out the way I’d expected. Josh can’t keep his hands off me. He’s possessive. He wants me all to himself. And I’m tempted to give my all to him. I didn’t sign up for this. But I have to tell him how I feel. Especially now that he’s fighting for his life. If I don’t get to him now, I might have to regret it forever.

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CEO Leo Turner: handsome, intelligent, all-around nice guy, recently single, and needs a plan.

 Christmas is just around the corner and the residents of Mono Melbourne retirement home are already conspiring to set him up with one of their granddaughters. What better way to make it through all those Christmas functions than to have a fake girlfriend? And who better to play the part than a woman he’d never fall for, Jenna Williamson. Supermodel Jenna is stunning, sparkling, selfish and not interested in settling down—the perfect candidate for a one-month assignment.

Everything is planned perfectly…or so he thinks.

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Former Chicago Cubs third baseman Chet Coakley needs a quiet place to write the last novel in his best-selling series. When a freak accident ends his baseball career, Chet finds his second chance writing a series of retro-detective novels. He's on a deadline and can't afford a distraction—especially not in the form of a vivacious blonde innkeeper who challenges everything he believes about himself. Professional chef Aerin Buckholtz owns a vintage lodge and fifteen cabins on a secluded lake in the Michigan woods. Betrayed by her best friend and self-conscious about her appearance, Aerin believes that romance isn't (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Catie Mitchell has always dreamed of one day owning a successful bed and breakfast. When an opportunity to purchase a house with plenty of flaws and plenty of potential presents itself, she knows the project is meant for her. What should’ve been a simple project soon proves to be much more of a challenge than she’d bargained for. Ethan Davis isn’t a fan of small towns. He loves his life in the city. When his grandfather asks him to visit Maple Glen to help with a project, he’s determined to get it over with and return to his home in the city. What should’ve been a simple project gets more complicated when he meets who (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Tomorrow is Christmas Day. And in the last 48 hours I have:
1) Fired two of my trusted employees.
2) Defaced the office Christmas tree.
3) Completely blown it with the first man I’ve really liked in the last ten years.
But it’s worth it, because I’m about to earn the promotion of a lifetime. Unfortunately, my former boss and mentor, Marley Jacobs, is determined to show me the error of my ways before midnight. Except I’m not about to let anyone get in my way—even Marley. Especially since Marley is dead.

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When she was a little girl, Holly dreamed of a prince coming to take her away from her cold-hearted family and sweep her up into his arms. Well, those dreams are dead, along with her parents. Cut from the will by a cruel uncle, Holly has no choice but to make her own way—and it’s West. Maybe her knight in shining armor is at the end of the Bridal Train line and is really wearing spurs. The last thing Samuel Hollinger is in the market for is a wife. But his family is coming all the way from New York City to see him, and they might be under the impression that he’s married. And that just might be his fault. The only way out is to get himself one of (Read the full blurb on Amazon)