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Ryn is a mess: unruly hair, untidy apartment, paint under her nails and a broken spirit. She’s the irregularity in Desmond’s neat, perfect schedule. When she decides to move away from the city and resign from her position in his company, he attempts to take it in stride, sign a severance package, and wish her good luck. One problem: a king does not relinquish his future queen. Disclaimer from the author: Kings of the Tower is a steamy romantic comedy series about woman going down the rabbit hole, and figuring out that it's fun in wonderland. Don't expect them to change, or tame the men they love. Don't expect the male protagonist to force them into anything.


Maylee Henderson's got a busted car, a fussing baby, and an angry bear hot on her heels. She's at the end of her rope until she stumbles into Ellis's bar and learns that there's a difference between brute force and dominance. Ellis is clearly trouble, and he knows how to throw a punch, but his strength is a tool of protection, not fear, and he's nothing like the violent men in her old clan. Semi-reformed big bad wolf Ellis Hays has been burned before, but one look at Maylee has him pushing aside his own rules at the same time he's throwing the bear shifter chasing her out on his ass. Ellis isn't looking for a mate, but he's entranced by (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Marcus Brayden, Earl of Kinross, thought fighting Napoleon on the battlefield was dangerous. But it is nothing to the upheaval caused by Lara Le Brecque, his best friend's sister, when she climbs over his townhouse wall shortly before Christmas and attempts to sneak into his London home. Lara ought to be on the marriage mart, enjoying her London season and the holiday festivities, but when she confides the Le Brecque family problems to him, he knows he must do all he can to help...even if it means marrying Lara. Lara Le Brecque is facing another difficult Christmas with her family in disgrace and under threat of losing all ​(Read the full blurb on Amazon)


She didn't believe in fairy tales... until she fell for a prince. Single mother, Leia Lawrence didn't have a storybook childhood. Now? Dating… men…? She’d rather stay in her tower of solitude.Until her path crosses with the heir to the British throne. He should be the bad boy the press portray him as. He isn’t. He should be as arrogant as the rich elites she despises. He isn’t. He should be easy to walk away from.Oh, boy, he isn’t. Oliver is nothing like the man she expects. Smart, funny and caring, he could push through every defense she has in place.But one passing moment could change everything. It could bring the press to her door and (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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After an embezzling boyfriend puts her under police suspicion—and deeply in debt—Camryn Bendixon joins her grandfather’s failing construction company. Her goal is simple—work constantly to rebuild her career and her self-esteem. And if she must drag Bendixon and Sons back to profitability by her well-manicured fingernails, that’s what she’ll do. Will Danson knows life is fragile—a fact brought home when Laura, his only child, lost her sight. Determined to provide for her, he does his best to balance managing the Prince George division of the Kohlenburg Group with his young daughter’s needs. But it can be a lonely road for a single dad. ​(Read the full blurb on Amazon)