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One tragic death. Two guilt ridden souls. Years of pain and regret keep them from connecting. Until one night, an accident occurs... changing everything.
Logan: Drunk. Bitter. Anger. That's me, at twenty four. I never meant to become this person, but the murder of my sister took a toll on me. I blame myself, but I also blame Angel. Her silence killed my sister. My grief takes a new turn one night. I wake up in the hospital to the news of what I've done. Everyone thinks I tried to kill Angel on purpose. But I never meant to hit her, I don't remember anything about the accident. Now her fate lies in my hands, and I have to come to terms with everything ​(Read the full blurb on Amazon)


ER doctor Daisy Blackwell never dreamed she’d fall for a saddle bronc rider or be running from a hitman. After relocating from New York City to small town Texas to escape her past, it has caught up with her in Sin City. Luke Reno is riding his way to the top. A win in the rodeo finals will make him the number one saddle bronc rider in the world, but there’s more riding on the competition than a title…his life. When an argument at a craps table pulls him into a confrontation with a mob boss, Luke makes a deal. Bet on Luke to win the rodeo finals and collect a big payoff. But everything changes when hitmen from New York find Daisy and the (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


One afternoon. One slip-up too many. And Tony kicked me out of his life. No way back. I promised I would never love another like I loved him. I lied.

When he stepped into my bar, I knew he meant trouble. Heartache followed Gary Winters wherever he roamed. You don't get to be the hottest guy in Hollywood if you're a saint. But I am no angel either.


When Patrick stumbles across a maid at La Petite Morte Club watching a couple have sex, he can’t keep his hands off her. She’s cute, sexy and kinky – just the way he likes his women. Until he discovers that she’s the younger sister of one of his best friends which means she’s in the “hands off” department. Annie is tired of guys staying away from her because of her overprotective brother. She’s determined to convince Patrick that she should not be off limits and that his hands should definitely be all over her body.

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On the verge of a scientific breakthrough, Julian McConnell goes missing. His Medical Technology Company is thrown into chaos and his business associate scrambles to fix the mess left behind. Somewhere in a remote location, a man wakes up with no memory of who he is. However, the beautiful doctor caring for him triggers more than just his memory, she awakens his heart. A love story that goes beyond the ordinary. Two people thrown together in a dangerous situation must work together to find the truth. What will they find when they dig a little deeper? Things aren’t always the way it seems, but sometimes you will find the (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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When club enforcer Wrath is asked for help, he is torn between doing what’s right and stirring up a past that still haunts him. What follows is a journey that forces him to question and re-evaluate everything he thought he already knew. Decisions have to be made. Should he continue on the path he’s chosen or is there a chance of becoming the man his mother would have wanted him to be? Life doesn’t always have a happy ever after, no matter how much you want it. This is a heart-wrenching tale of heartbreak and loss. Be warned, it will leave your emotions in tatters.