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Dez Wright bed hops because it's easier to let a man between her legs than into her heart. After the death of her high school sweetheart in a motorcycle accident that leaves Dez with a bum knee and a shattered heart, she throws all of her passion and energy into something that can't hurt her: her flourishing photography career. Mitch Michaelson thought he was dead the day he wrestled a pissed-off shark snorkeling off the Hawaiian coast with a model whose name he can hardly remember. But the tryst in paradise cost him more than his arm; it destroyed his career as a famous iron sculptor. After years of intense therapy, Mitch is finally rebuilding (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Four full length Regency romance stories about lords who returned from war and business abroad to find everything has changed. They will need to overcome personal challenges to find their place in the world again and the challenges are fierce for the ladies who come to love and support them! Can they overcome their problems and find love?
The Waiting Bride 
The Long Return
The Duke’s Saving Grace
A New Home for the Duke
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Three friends form the No More Bad Dates Pact: stop dating the wrong guys and start dating the right ones - weirdos and jerks need not apply. Twenty-five-year-old Sophie McCarthy's career is virtually nonexistent, her family expects her to "do something important" with her life, and she's totally sick of dating the wrong guys: the self-absorbed, the arrogant, the borderline criminally insane. After she's unceremoniously dumped during the vows at her boss's wedding, she and her two equally disappointed-in-love best friends agree to help each other find decent guys to date. Together, they form the No More Bad Dates Pact: (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Doctor Winters… would you like to be a daddy… my baby daddy? It would just take one little accident, right? 
I… I want a baby, No, no… I don’t want IVF, I want it the ‘old fashioned way’. I want it …. with you, doctor. When Doctor Ted Winters takes me to a sperm bank, I am supposed to be evaluating the qualities I want in a donor. But, all I am thinking about is, How about Doctor Winters as the… omg… We all deserve a second chance in life, right? Well, I know it’s not going to happen, I know what I did back then was unpardonable, And yet, I am dreaming about our future. Dreaming about him rubbing my swollen pregnancy feet, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Sometimes, what happens in Vegas lasts forever.
It’s Vegas, Baby: When Andrew Lennox spotted Autumn standing at the registration desk of his Las Vegas hotel, she was instantly his obsession. With Autumn leaving to spend a year abroad, their time was limited. But Drew was determined to use every second convincing Autumn of what he already knew. She was his. And no matter how long she was gone or how far away, that would never change. Bet Me, Baby: As a professional poker player, Lia Carrington is used to taking risks...except when it comes to men.

From the moment Becket Parker spotted the gorgeous gambler ​(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Lady Penelope Sherbourne is not - absolutely not - going to fall in love with Thaddius MacLauren, Laird of Caithness, even if he is a big, handsome Scottish brute and ridiculously protective of her. But now that the Book of Love has fallen into her hands, Thad is the only one she trusts to test out the sensations she must explore in order to find the perfect husband. She wants a mild-mannered English earl, one who lives near her family, and who will not make her heart leap or her bones melt as Thad does every time he looks at her. Thaddius MacLauren intends to claim a kiss from Lady Penelope Sherbourne and nothing more. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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She’s his mate and he will risk everything to protect her. The death of his brother forces Greyson West to take his rightful spot in a pack of outlaw wolf shifters. He accepts his fate in order to protect his family, but when a dangerous encounter brings him face-to-face with his mate, he finds himself risking everything for love. The only problem... she’s human. Etti Blackwell is a smart-mouthed tattoo artist with a fierce independent streak. So when a sexy wolf shifter turns her world upside down, she doesn’t take kindly to it. Greyson may have rescued her, but she doesn’t trust him. It’s his fault she’s on the run from werewolves! (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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I used to be a normal, reclusive teenage girl, dealing with typical teenage stuff. Like getting bullied by my hot, but rude ex-best friend and trying to not get fired from my first job. Everything changes the day of my eighteenth birthday. My parents reveal they’re part of a witch coven and now I’m old enough to join. They want me to prepare to become part of the coven, as soon as possible, to continue our family legacy of strong witches. After I find out the truth about my parents and our ancestry, weird things start to happen around town. I realize I’ve only been told a portion of the story and there’s much more to our town than meets the eye. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)