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When Clayton is offered his family business, his initial excitement is weighed down by overwhelming worry. Keeping it in the family has always been his top priority. The only problem? He's a butcher, not a bookkeeper. Numbers were never his thing, but he's determined to make it work. That only leaves him with one choice: he'll have to learn the books or give up what he's always wanted. And there's no way he'll let that happen. Unless Emmalee can find a job, she will have to forfeit her lifelong dream of living successfully in a quiet, friendly small town. The only problem? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Promoter Kayla Barnes just scored her first real job, creating buzz for the Bear Creek Rodeo. Looking to make a name for herself and increase attendance numbers like never before, she talks the star bull rider, Casey Jennings, into being the prize in her biggest contest yet. One lucky winner gets a date with Casey, but as they work out the details and grow closer Kayla realizes she wants to be the number one contestant.

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When Ethan Parker’s investigation leads him to Delilah Brooks, he hopes he’s finally found his best friend’s long-lost daughter. What he wasn’t expecting was to want her for himself—with an intensity that drives him to get her pregnant before her father finds out about the two of them. Delilah falls hard and fast for Ethan. But she isn’t sure what to think when he confesses his connection to the father she’s never met. Or how her father is going to react when he learns she’s having his best friend’s baby.

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Get all of Cass Kincaid's steamy stories about hockey playing single daddies in one sexy collection! Includes:
1) Single Daddy.Com
2) Puck Daddy
3) Unexpected Daddy
4) Defensive Daddy
Four hot romance're bound to find your next book boyfriend in this box set!

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She's human, which means she’s off-limits. They’re the elite guards who can’t stay away. After Temperance finds a bloodsucking monster in her father’s closet, she knows her life in the small town of Lightning Creek will not be as she expected. Her father left her alone immediately for a job, the community college won’t let her register and now she’s being stalked by a nightmarish beast that feeds on blood. Gideon. Edric. Bentley. Rhett. Four warriors bound by duty and driven by desire. They shouldn’t want her. But, whenever they’re near, they make her body shoot to DEFCON (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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My sister’s best friend is back in town and working on the farm. It shouldn’t mean a thing, I’ve known her for years. Then she flashed her heart-stopping smile and I knew I was screwed. I thought my feelings for her were one-sided, until the night she proved me wrong. Now’s my chance to get what I’ve always wanted. Her. The man card series is a collection of short stories that are full of steamy romance. You're guaranteed that perfect happy ending and a cupboard full of sweets from all the cravings.


Car boosting is all Zahara knows. She’s built her reputation as The Ghost and enjoys the anonymity. No one knows who she is, what sex she is, or when she is going to strike. That’s the way she likes it. Nikolai Federov is the boss of one of the largest car boosting gangs in the States. He has a team of bratva working for him, and he doesn’t trust anyone. One mistake brings their two worlds together, and what happens when they do, is explosive. Follow Zahara and Nikolai’s adrenaline-fueled story as they try to outwit their worst nightmare. 

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The last time she saw Jake was the day he broke her heart. She wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. Twenty-eight-year-old Leah Adams is content with her life. Living with her best friend in the big city and working as a receptionist at the doctor’s office, she doesn’t allow herself much time to think about falling in love and starting a family. Until the night her ten-year high school reunion not only brings her to Levy’s, but face-to-face with Jake. Leah is faced with feelings she cannot ignore. She has to make a decision that is in her best interest – no matter who gets hurt. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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New name. New town. New life. I’ve finally left my troubled past behind. And then Ryker Cavano walks into my underground pleasure club. Aside from being the hottest man I’ve ever seen, Ryker is also my high school bully—the boy who made my life a living hell so he could become a gang leader. And it looks like he doesn’t even remember me, which seriously pisses me off. Until I realize this is my chance to make him pay, and I decide to take it. I’ll worm my way into his life and expose his criminal empire, no matter the risk. Only, Ryker is no longer the boy I used to know. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Flat on his back at the mercy of the most honest woman on the planet... Merek Rummer had plans to win Danny’s silly dating game. He organised a woman, carefully laid out his story and set the scene for an entertaining weekend to claim his triumph. Those plans vanished when an industrial accident landed him flat on his back, needing assistance for the most basic of tasks. Then his mother chose his nurse, insisting he not be left alone for a second. Mindy Cox had settled in to write. The resort brochure promised blissful silence, punctuated only by birdsong. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)