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In the late 21st century, scientists created a serum that gave every person nine lives, also known as souls. Flush with expendable life, Earth collapsed into war and anarchy, leaving the Catholic Church to step in and take control. In a world where the stealing of souls is big business, it takes people like Constance Grace, detective in the Soul Theft Division, to hunt the criminals down and strip them of their remaining souls. When social-climbing con man, Noah Hannock, plunks himself on the church's radar, he becomes Constance's problem. With a brand new partner, Mikon Cross and seven of her nine given souls remaining, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Captured by his own people. Sentenced to death. When the goblin Aric Bramble is arrested for treason against his people, it’s up to Alyssum to rescue him from a dark fate. Saving him will come at a cost and Alyssum Bracken’s world shatters when they return to New York to escape. She discovered things she can’t unlearn, information that contradicts everything she believes in and turns her life into a lie. Abandoning what she’s been taught, Alyssum seeks peace, and attempts to find a way to bring the Gremalians and the Gobel together… But ending the war isn’t Alyssum’s only concern. Earth is now starting to rebel against (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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As a wedding planner, Autumn is focused on what matters most - her clients' weddings. She has no time to search for her own happily ever after. So when she moves to Maple Glen, she doesn’t expect that Charlie Mitchell would be the one who makes her second guess everything. Charlie’s plan of keeping Autumn as a friend backfires when he throws her plans for a loop. Creating drama was the last thing he wanted. So when his brother threatens to toss him out of the wedding, Charlie has no choice but to make things right with Autumn. The only problem? She’s focused on what could go wrong instead of what could go right. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


As soon as Nick sees Sarah, he knows he has to have her. Fortunately for him, she’s in the market for a temporary lover. Now, all he has to do is convince her that he’s the guy who can fulfill all her fantasies. Sarah’s not ready for a relationship. She may never be, not after losing Adam but she does miss being with a man—the sound of a male voice in the darkness, the touch of his hands, the warmth of his body wrapped around hers, the taste of his kiss. But picking up a stranger at a bar is dangerous and it doesn’t guarantee that she’ll get what she wants. La Petite Mort Club is the perfect solution. There she can shop for a man—all rich, all clean (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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We're finally waking up from the nightmare. The Lost Breeds have been through Hell and back, and finally, life is slowing down. In the stillness, I realize that something is missing. All the other guys in the MC have women in their corner to kiss their wounds and help them heal. It's my damn turn. I see her on a busy New York City street and know without a doubt--she's the one. She's everything a man like me dreams of. But she's out of my league. Wayyyy out of it. A billionaire by birth. Lucky for her, I'm willing to be whatever she needs, what keeps her up late at night and drags her from sleep with yearning. This girl has no clue what's about (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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She slugged the last colleague who dared put his dirty lips on her. Dr. Samantha Cullen is a general surgeon who performs best in emergency situations. Known as the 'emergency doctor', she doesn't give up until all options are exhausted for saving a patient's life. But Dr. Cullen has a problem with men who can't keep it in their pants. Her ex-husband was one such man - handsome, sexy and a womanizing pr*ck. When transferred to a new hospital, she takes one look at Dr. Devlin McCarthy and knows he's trouble. Her mission is to stay clear of him, but those darn eyes keep drawing her in. Fighting against what her heart wants (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Christmas has come to New York, but it doesn’t feel very festive for Lucy Carpenter. Single, disgruntled in love from past hurts, she disappears into the world of books as a manuscript reader for a mid-level publishing company on the East Side. Plagued with guilt for a mistake that took her mom’s eyesight, Lucy dreams of achieving financial success despite growing medical bills and unpaid rent. Her only hope of survival is to publish her little Christmas novel despite repeat rejections by big publishers. When her boss requests her publishing recommendations for the month, Lucy submits her manuscript under a false ​(Read the full blurb on Amazon)