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Vampires, Highlands, and Deadly Secrets.

Stella and Alexandre travel to Scotland to unlock the mysteries of their existance while enemy vampire clans are going after them in a battle until death.

Delve into the mystery world of Stella with this fast-paced mystery and emotion loaded novella

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Three orphans thrown together by fate and no family have forged a bond so deep that they adopted each other as sisters without blood. Ocean Tides – successful, rich and dreaming of love, but always jilted. Paulette Jeter – loves the sex men give, but hates the thought of dating or loving one to get it. Claudette Newman – loves shopping almost more than men. She’ll lie to her friends and her new husband, but nothing can keep her from that next pair of red bottoms. Are the lies Claudette is hiding too much for her and Todd Newman’s young marriage to survive? Will Dr. Lynk Trent be the right man to make Paulette finally give relationships a try (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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This is a box set of the first three books in The Chandler Horde series.
Book 1: THE GOOD DEED is the first book in the Chandler Horde series. It's a spicy romantic suspense novel about finding justice and the rewards that can come from taking another chance on love. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)
Book 2: SAFE WITH ME is a spicy romantic suspense novel about surviving spousal abuse and finding a love worth protecting. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)
Book 2.5 (Novella): ALL I WANT is a spicy romantic suspense novella about overcoming the past and seeing beyond appearances. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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They called me a traitor, a bitch and a whore. He called me his. I want none of it.
Elise Now it's so much worse. I've been kidnapped by a sexy, bearded biker harboring a whole lot of dark secrets. I can't leave because I'm being stalked by a serial killer and the safest place is in Bossman's bed.
Boss Elise is all I've ever wanted. She got away from me once, I won't let her go again. With the threat of a madman ever present, I can't keep her close and keep her protected.

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It all began when the road warriors found me outside Hell's Burning, lost and dehydrated. When the bikers took me into The Compound, I thought I was saved. Especially when, as a Violet--a rare genetic anomaly prized above all--I'm taken in and raised by one of the wealthiest men in the world. Educated and groomed by the best teachers money could buy, I mistakenly thought he had a great future planned for me, one in which I'd be cared for and cherished. I was wrong. For centuries, women have been sold as slaves. In my 18th year, my benefactor reveals a truth that shatters my world. I'm to be put on display before the wealthiest ​(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Some say life is a grand adventure—but for Lady Abigail Rutland, it’s a tremendous bore. As a woman of noble birth in eighteenth-century England, she is expected to keep quiet and marry well, but she longs for so much more. “Be careful what you wish for,” the old saying goes. After a chaotic night, she wakes up in the hold of a former slaver with her body bound and her hair shorn. She is soon “rescued” by an American privateer, who assumes she is a cabin boy and puts her to work. Eager for adventure, Abigail maintains her disguise despite a budding attraction to the infamous Captain Jacob Thorne. Meanwhile, Captain Thorne schemes to spring his kin from a British prison. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Her first love is back. Is she making a mistake or is the second time the charm? They say your first love is unforgettable, but Allison Southby would love to forget. Thankfully, she’s always had her work to keep her mind off her non-existent love life. But when her boss and mentor dies mysteriously, and a rival company threatens to steal their customers, her focus should be on preserving her mentor’s legacy and the company she loves…and yet, she can’t keep her mind—or her hands—off her late boss’s son, Adam. Who just happens to be the same man who left her heart in pieces when he ran from her bed after a single night together, and has kept her at arm’s length ever since. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Lily Livingston is a widow raising her six-year-old daughter, Claire, in New York City. Devastated by her husband’s death three years ago, she’s in no hurry to fall in love again. Besides, trying to balance her career with motherhood leaves her little time for romance. With a wheelchair instead of a white horse, and a vow against falling in love again as his armor, Gideon Stone is the last person Lily expects to sweep her off her feet. But when a business agreement forces the two of them together, that is exactly what happens. As they navigate the minefield that fast represents their relationship, can either of them overcome the obstacles to find true happiness in each other’s arms?

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THEO My ex broke me, or so I thought. I'd shut down, given up. But here's the thing. My past doesn't seem so bleak when my vision walks into my usual coffee shop, jump-starting my heart and giving my soul a desperately needed punch to the gut. She's damaged goods. But not in the way you're thinking. Life broke her. And I'm here to kiss it and make it all better. She's my queen. My redemption, my do-over, my second chance at forever.
LAUREN He's deadly, heart-wrenchingly beautiful. No one should be this handsome. It's just not right or fair for the rest of us mortals. He's Mount Everest, and my climbing legs are broken. …I'm broken. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Planning her wedding takes a dangerous turn, when a woman realizes a member of her engagement party would rather kill her than walk down the aisle. So far, Miss Samantha Hastings' engagement to Benjamin, Lord Westwood, has been tumultuous at best. Kidnapped by the man who murdered her father, nearly beaten to death, and severely poisoned, Samantha barely manages to escape alive. When the killer reveals his revenge plot had assistance, the Hastings and Westwood families must band together to defend themselves against a new threat, and Samantha concocts a risky plan to draw the accomplice out of hiding. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)