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As a paramedic, Rocco Pierce is no stranger to making life-and-death decisions and delivering devastating news. But he has never faced a situation quite like this. What exactly do you do with a letter informing you that your wife is dying of breast cancer when you've never been married? Is it a bureaucratic failure or divine intervention? Crime reporter Mallory Yoshida is used to getting odd fan mail, so why should she pay attention to this guy who wants to talk to her about a mysterious letter? After all, it's not like it's a matter of life and death. Or is it?


I know what I want. It's not Max Donovan. To hell with his money, his gaming empire, and his joystick. I'm Payton Blake. A twenty-something girl living the dream. Sure, my co-workers are misogynists, my best friend might be an undercover spy, and the only love I've been getting is from Jorge the Nightstand Boyfriend. Welcome to the modern world.  I’m not looking for real love. Even if I had time in my day after trying to keep pace with the salesmen in my office and fixing the financial problems my mom landed in after getting sick? Max Donovan is the last guy I'd call. The gamer-turned-CEO has blue eyes you could drown in. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


One elite fae warrior. Four superior officers. A bond they can’t remember—or resist. Lera was once human. Now, with dark magic leaking into the mortal world, Lera and her four fae warriors must protect her home realm - even if that means going undercover to a human military academy. But when a sudden, terrible accident melds the males with their human disguise, everything changes. Now it’s up to Lera to make her mates remember themselves, their mission, and her, before the entire mortal world pays the price. River, Shade, Tye, and Coal can’t overlook the gorgeous new cadet who’s just arrived at Great Falls Academy,  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)