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Hell cracked open, oozing evil into the world. The human population is decimated. Dangerous monsters roam the land. Witches and vampires rule with cruelty and violence and shifters have all but lost their magic. One reticent girl and a band of brothers are the last spark of hope in a world consumed by darkness. Wolf shifter Kayla Redclaw is the last alpha female. She might be the strongest alpha even known, but all she wants is a quiet life, hunting in the forest. Unfortunately, her father has other plans. He’s called every alpha male in the region to compete in a tournament. And Kayla is the prize! She is powerless to stop it, believing she has _Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Greek Billionaires are no ordinary Billionaires. Her Greek Protector is a GREEK Billionaire Romance trilogy! This 3 books series features the hottest GREEK billionaire’s, a never before experienced Greek lifestyle, and some panty melting romance.
Book 1 : Her Greek Inheritance : A one-night stand can't make you a billionaire. But in my case...
Book 2 : Her Greek Protector : He makes me forget all the reasons I should be careful… almost. I can't because he left me without saying a word.  
Book 3 : Her Greek Bodyguard :I'll protect her from the world, from the Greek mafia that are after us, and i'll make her mine forever.  

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Irishwoman Kathleen Kelly wants to renovate her new teahouse in America to a sparkling shine, enticing droves of customers to Roses, NC. But the project quickly takes a turn for the worse when her hard work falls flat. Rob Taylor knows a thing or two about running a business. He’s built Rob’s Marvelous Muffins into a thriving business. With Rob in Miami and Kathleen in Roses, a May-December romance isn’t part of Kathleen’s carefully laid-out plans. Besides, they’ve both admitted to each other how unlucky they are in love. Better to leave romance out of the picture and stick to friendship and hard work. However, Kathleen has no choice but to (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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4 full-length standalone novels for die-hard fans of billionaire romance.
Book 1 : Conquered: I wanted her from the first moment I saw her. You wonder if I got her? Sure I did. I get everything I want. The only thing, she ruined everything!
Book 2 : High Rise Love: I asked America’s toughest CEO for help. And now he wants only one thing in return: my hand in a fake marriage.
Book 3 : The Long Shot: Every time he looks at me, I struggle for breath, my knees go soft, my heart races. Football players are my weakness...
Book 4 : The Gypsy Dancers: I dance for him, and he dances for fame. We dance together for life and love. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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What do you do when you’re in danger but no one believes you? Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates, ALIAS, helps ordinary citizens in danger when they need to disappear. Stalked: Opposites attract, unfortunately. Rule follower, Federal US Deputy Marshal Alex Saunders has been assigned to protect a federal judge after the judge receives death threats. This detail is standard until the judge insists on his son’s PR firm provide backup security, which isn’t even in the rule book. But because Alex is already in hot water, he follows orders to keep the judge happy. Rule breaker, and former CIA analyst, Kita Kim reluctantly agrees to go undercover, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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When Linda Travers was fourteen, Dave Madsen, then age seventeen, rescued her from a snowy death. They later met at an end-of-term party at their college and lost their virginities to each other before Dave left the country. And now...Despite spending her teenage years mooning over Dave, Linda Travers has moved on with her life. Being left pregnant and alone will force that on a gal. Age twenty-five, she lives in their hometown with their six-year-old, Mac. Then Dr. Dave Madsen reappears. He's spent the last years exploring in the Amazon, searching for new plants and medications. A vicious snakebite has left him needing rehab from the only physical therapist around—Linda. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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It was just a tattoo. How does one impulsive decision to celebrate becoming a teacher completely derail Shelby Lyon's life? It's always been Shelby against the world, but the odds may be stacked against her this time. How will she gather the strength to fight? As a single dad and senior partner in his law firm, Mark Littleson's life is the definition of complicated. So, why is he irresistibly drawn to Shelby? Will Shelby just be one more complication or will she be the piece which makes his life whole? This family-centered contemporary romance novel about life and death challenges and triumph will fill you with hope.


Heartbreak comes in many forms. Sometimes someone breaks your heart. Sometimes life does the breaking. And sometimes, just sometimes, you break your own heart to save the ones you love. Samantha did what she had to do to protect the man she loves. Joseph will do whatever he has to for the woman he loves. But a murderer has other plans. Can Joseph and Samantha find their way back to each other before time runs out?

Until You Series Books 1-3 are Joseph and Samantha's epic love story and should be read in order.

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Could you accept $5000 to be at a truck driver's beck and call? No matter what he wanted from you? That's exactly the decision Jasmine has to make in this steamy tale of hot cross country sex, where her every inhibition is dissolved. Grab your copy now to discover what special sexual favour Jake wants from this woman he's never spoken to.
Warning: Strictly for over 18 audiences. This book contains graphic consensual sex between strangers and loads of dirty-talk. What Jake wants turns out to be some rear action! Do not purchase unless this is what you enjoy and expect to read.

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Tony: She didn’t listen to my warning. I told her that I ruin things, especially people. She’s so innocent and good. I gave her the chance to walk away.
She didn’t.Now she’s going to pay the price.

To his surprise, international billionaire Tony Lee can’t seem to resist the Southern innocence of Virginia Mayhew Porter, whom he meets on a business trip to San Francisco. He wants to claim her, but his dark desires might overpower her and leave her forever ruined...

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Falling for your best friend couldn't get any sweeter. Tall, handsome, and eternally optimistic Noah has dated a string of gorgeous women. His best friend Elle has outlasted them all. Of course, he has no idea she's been in love with him for years. Why would he? It's not like she's going to tell him. After all, she's short and awkward, and as he's fond of reminding her, has a sour disposition. When Elle takes off on her annual ten-day vacation with her family, Noah comes to a startling realization. She's the woman who is by his side day in and day out, whose office is across the hall, and whose house is around the corner. She has called him on his shit (Read the full blurb on Amazon)