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Mercedes Charles was horrible. Spoiled, rich, and entitled, the world, and everyone in it, was hers to use and throw away. Until one moment changed her life forever. Seven years and one felony prison sentence later, Mercedes is nothing more than a bad memory and in her place lives Sadie; a down-to-earth dog trainer who just wants to live in the country with her best friends, her dogs, and pretend her old life doesn’t exist. But her brother has other plans, and when he sends his best friend and Sadie’s girlhood crush to her house with a big, dopey dog in tow asking for her expert help, she knows she should say no. Lincoln Greene is neck deep in her old life and everything she’s tried to distance herself from after being released from prison. Mostly, he’s everything she’s ever wanted but could never have.  _(Read the full blurb on Amazon)_


Eve lived a very boring, very vanilla life with her boyfriend and two year old daughter. After the douchebag left her, leaving her a penniless single mum, her best friends wedding in Australia came at just the right time. She's missed her childhood friend, Teresa moved to the Aussie sun with her widowed father when the girls were 18, meeting her biker lover out there and now Eve is set to be her Maid of Honor. Instead of having the much needed break she's looking for, she witnesses a crime that puts her life in danger. Her dream vacation just turned into a nightmare, something she has only read about in the books she loves to escape in. Being rescued by Severed MC turns out to be an experience. The clubs VP Gabe aka Angel, could be just the diversion she needs right now _(Read the full blurb on Amazon)_


How do you learn to remember when you have forced yourself to forget? How do you learn to trust when those who were meant to protect you failed? Catering assistant, Kara Petersen, leads a quiet, monotonous life until a simple twist of fate changes everything. The sparks fly when Kara meets handsome, enigmatic, Sloan Foster. Dominant in the boardroom and successful in the bedroom, he always gets what he wants - and he wants her. Captivated by his charm and aloof confidence, Kara is drawn to him in a way she has never been to anyone before. Aware something isn’t quite right, and against her better judgement, she concedes his intense allure is too strong to resist and their innocent fling swiftly develops into something she could never have imagined.  _(Read the full blurb on Amazon)_