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A tattoo artist? What was she thinking?

Breast cancer forces Ariana to take a fresh look at her life. She’s married, owns a successful business and is desperately unhappy. Can tattoo artist Blaine Bennett reignite the joy in her life as he shows her what it is to live… and love?


Jax never stays anywhere long enough to put down roots. He’s a shapeshifter—the only one of his kind, or so he thinks. While prowling on his landlady’s property, he is stunned to find a man feeding on her neck. Although he frightens away the blood-sucker, Jax leaves behind a paralyzed woman and a trail of blood in his wake. Aerilyn teaches high school and doubles as a guardian for the Genus Society, an ancient underground shifter organization. After learning of a cougar attack in her own mountain neighborhood, she suspects a rogue shifter is to blame. When the Society accuses Jax of the “animal attack,” he is ordered to stick around until he can clear his name.  _(Read the full blurb on Amazon)_


Imagine this… Six numbers, your numbers. One winner, you’re the winner.
Little over 7.8 million of your Great British Pounds… “OH. MY. GOD. OH. MY. GOD. OH MYYYYYYYY. GODDDDD!” What would you do? Pay off the debts that your low life, cheating, EX husband left you with. CHECK! Cut your hours down at work. Don’t want to give it up totally, as you need something to do. CHECK! Plan a few All Inclusive trips to warmer climates. CHECK! Look into changing your clapped out KA for a nice, bigger, sparkly new car. CHECK! Hire a drop dead gorgeous, younger man for some hot fun. WTF! With a lot of, maybe not that much actually, persuading from my best friend Shelley, I decided to do just that. Let the interviews begin… _(Read the full blurb on Amazon)_