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Want to promote your FREE book through Love Kissed Book Bargains?

Fantastic! We’d love to help.  We’re starting a newsletter 9/1 featuring nothing but FREE romance reads. This will be an email blast only, but will still be promoted through social media.

The good news?

You can offer a FREE book through any one of these methods:

  • FREE KU days
  • Permafree on Amazon
  • link to InstaFreebie or Book Funnel

This opens the door for more authors to grow and find new readers. Hope it helps!

Purchase one day at $10.

As always, your book MUST be FREE, have a professional cover, and a ranking of 3.5 stars or more.  Come on, we have to have some standards.  Otherwise the readers stop trusting us and then we’re helping no one.

***Please note: The date of promotion can be found on your invoice.

Also, once an invoice is sent, you will have a week to pay before it is canceled.  A reminder will be sent in advance, but given the response we can’t hold space indefinitely.  Thank you for understanding.


Author FREE Book Sign Up

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